community and friendship

Vipingo Ridge is founded on the promise to enrich the lives of local communities and leads the industry in both social and environmental responsibility. Through fair employment policies, environmental standards, sustainable partnerships, projects and more, Vipingo Ridge works hard to ensure this development is beneficial to all.

Vipingo & Schools

  • Bureni Village – The nursery school: two classrooms and toilets have been constructed.
  • Mikaoni Village – Construction of a nursery school.
  • Gongoni Village – Rebuilding of 6 toilets for the primary school.
  • Chodari Village – Re-roofing of 4 classrooms for the primary school. Gravelling of the playground. Donation of a 10,000 litre water tank and rehabilitation of the community water line.
  • Kapecha Village – Construction of 2 classrooms and rehabilitation of sanitation facilities. Donation of trophies. Gravelling of the access road.Ganze Division – Re–roofing of classrooms.

Vipingos villages

Vipingo Ridge provides free firewood, palm fronds and fruit from the estate to the local communities as part of the brand’s promise for social responsibility. The Ridge also works closely with the Kuruwitu Conservation and Welfare Association, offering employment to their members, actively supporting their projects and helping them financially.

Local support

Local support85% of Vipingo Ridge employees come from surrounding communities and there is a strict policy in place to improve the gender balance by hiring women as greens-keepers. In addition to employment and career opportunities, an impressive number of CSR programmes have been put in place to improve standards of living. Vipingo Ridge not only helps with community education, but with everyday needs such as access to water and better sanitation for vulnerable people in the area. Centrally located storage tanks with collection points for clean water have been installed and are maintained by Vipingo Ridge. Water deliveries are made to various villages during the dry season and local school buildings are upgraded -all part of the on-going community support.

Kuruwitu conservation

Kuruwitu was Kenya’s first Locally Managed Marine Area (LMMA) on the Kenyan coast. The aim of KCWA was to minimise the reliance of the local community on fishing within the reef. They did this by offering them alternative job opportunities as well as improving their welfare with projects such as school education programmes, assistance to the Kuruwitu women’s group, water projects and various youth empowerment schemes. Marine research, Turtles Alive and Tourism initiatives are just three of the projects that have been activated at Kuruwitu beach, to find better ways of preserving marine life and supporting livelihoods.

Strategic partnerships

Through strategic partnerships with KCWA and other stakeholders, including Vipingo Ridge, local tourism has received a major boost. The award–winning conservancy which is situated directly off the Vipingo Ridge Beach Club, offers visitors a chance to snorkel or take a glass bottom boat ride to see hundreds of fish and marine species, many of them rare. Up to 100 per cent of proceeds collected from these activities goes into supporting the local community as part of Vipingo Ridges Corporate Social Responsibility initiative.

Kitchen garden

Via Kuruwitu, the kitchen garden at Vipingo Ridge has been allocated to Oceans Alive to manage and maintain. Being run by a local women’s group, the garden supplies the restaurants on site with fresh organic produce but also offers the opportunity to sell any surplus for a profit. Through this initiative, these members of the local community are also being educated on food security issues and sustainable practices, such as producing eco-charcoal from natural waste collected from the golf course.