Vipingo Ridge Security

for your peace of mind

In the spirit of creating a carefree lifestyle, maintaining a safe and fully secure environment is paramount. No expense has been spared to ensure that both residents and visitors have complete peace of mind during their stay.

The security in place at Vipingo Ridge is as follows:

  • icon-wallsec

    A 3-metre high perimeter wall spanning 19km

  • icon-guard

    Professionally-trained guards to patrol the wall

  • icon-shield

    Vipingo Ridge security is managed by Saladin Security Ltd, a renowned international security and risk management company headquartered in London.

  • icon-panic

    Optional residential panic buttons

  • icon-cctv

    Strategically-placed CCTV cameras monitored by the Control Room, which is manned 24/7

  • icon-canine

    Mobile response teams, including a mobile canine unit